Autumn is on the way!

Wow what a fun 6 months! It seems things are going very quickly. It seems only yesterday I was boarding a plane for California for 2 weeks bespoke coaching. Summer seems to flourish so quickly, gone are the long childhood days where summers lasted a lifetime and back to school was a phrase never to be uttered. Despite most things changing since those long famous five esk summers. I am fortunate enough to do the things that I love doing every single day. Although nowadays I spend less time climbing out of stinging nettle bushes and making dens in the garden. One thing that remains the same is I get to do something I love every single day!

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Over the last few months I have had some great moments on the water at all levels. I have watched paddlers make moves they never thought were possible, develop a paddlers roll after months of trying, along with seeing paddlers pass their 4 star assessment. So they to can share their passion for paddling with others. I must admit one thing I have picked up from my trip to america is that everyone has their own thing going on. Their own fire, desire and passion, the hunger that we have is highly individual we all have our own awesome going on. For some it’s nailing that boof, or paddling a hard rapid. For others it’s that first time we make that eddy or nail that roll in combat. We are very lucky in out sport as we have something! Something that get’s us excited fired up and something to overcome. We all have our own goals and boundaries to break and overcome.

I feel as we move towards the whitewater season it’s important to hold onto those, the only person who can dictate those goals or tell you whether you will or won’t be successful is you. I am glad to be part of that journey and enjoy hearing back from paddlers to hear how they are getting on.

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The Scottish Season approaches

Our courses are going well with an overwhelming vibe towards our coaching. Our New Wave Wednesdays have been very popular this summer, with a great bunch of paddlers pushing their boating in the evenings. Which has been a real highlight, we will be looking forward to next season. I’ve been fortunate to paddle with a new range of paddlers on our developers courses, as well as our rolling clinics. However now things turn to Autumn with a full month in Scotland running our This is Scotland, This is Creeking and Creek Clinic courses. Scotland is one of the best environments in the UK, with multiple options provide for a better learning experience. We’ll be finishing our 2013 with our Nepal  Sun Koshi gathering with New Wave Paddlers!

Post paddle hot tub

Getting people on board

I am not content with being a one man band, as with everything you can only do so much. We are fortunate this winter to have some exceptional paddlers and coaches working alongside on our courses. Plas Y Brenin’s head of paddlesport and good friend Pete Catterall will be heading up our 5 star assessments in Scotland. Alongside Tom Parker and Scottish coach Dave Rossetter, it will be great to work alongside and have on board.

Closer to home – The Next Wave

We will be looking for an assistant coach to join our team on a longer term basis. Details will be out shortly, which will help deliver and improve our service allowing more and more paddlers to access New Wave Coaching.

It’s Exciting 

It’s a pretty exciting time to be involved in kayaking at the moment, things are moving quickly. Every time I go paddling I meet great people, yesterday I had a 20 minute phone call with a paddler who opened the call with ” Ross I just had to tell you about the awesome session I had on the water last night!” Being part of this sport is wonderful and we are truly fortunate to have paddling to enjoy.

Why I do what I do

I’ll leave you with this nice video of Alan Whatts which I feel symbolises why I do what I do

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